Vishwa Guru Basavanna    Vishwa Guru Basavanna
Channa Basavanna Channa Basavanna
Akkamahadevi Akkamahadevi
Allama Prabhudeva Allama Prabhudeva
Madivalla Machideva Madivalla Machideva
Neelambika Neelambika
Yedeguru Siddhalingeshwara Yedeguru Siddhalingeshwara
Murugendra shivayogigalu Murugendra shivayogigalu
Shri Balalila Mahant Shivayogigalu Shri Balalila Mahant Shivayogigalu
Shri Guru Mukappa Shivayogigalu Guru Mukappa Shivayogigalu
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The Humanitarian Light Of The Mankind
"Vishwa Guru Basavanna"

      Vishwa Guru BASAVANNA is the only wonder of the world that ever had in the history of humanity and is the greatest asset of the mankind gifted by GOD is "Vishwa Guru BASAVANNA".His life, achievements, preachings & message are unique and incomparable. The Message of Lord Basava spreaded like Rays of sun which not only gave dynamic energy to make self enlightment, self realization and also shown an object of respect in the hearts of thousands.

To enlighten you on Lord Basava we would like to sketch his personality in a nut shell.

      Lord Basava stands as one of the most outstanding multi-physic not only in the firmament of the religious history of India, but also the whole mankind of the universe. Lord Basava through his unique message he revolutionized the living of human being and he practiced what he preached .Lord Basava was a philosopher a social & economic reformer, he is the founder of parliament & also he was the generator of idea of democracy.

      He was indeed a great prophet to the world and also a great combination of rear qualities. He was a mystic by temperament, an idealist by choice, a statesman by profession, a man of letters by taste , a humanist by sympathy & a social reformer by conviction.

Many of the great people who viewed Lord Basava in their own way.

"It has not been possible for me to practice of BASAVESHWARA Which he taught 800 years ago and which he also practiced.I have adopted few of them, I am yet a seeker in this aspect and not an accomplished one. Eradication of untouchability & dignity of labour were among his core concepts one does not find even shades of casteism in him. Had he lived during out times ,he would have been a saint worthy of worship. If you , his followers , practice his precepts you could uplift not just Bharat but the whole world. "

-Mahatma Ghandhi Exhortation at 1924 Belgaum congress session

"It is no exaggeration to say that the message of Lord Basava is like a reservoir into which all previous thoughts flowed in from which all thought flowed out. Kind like Buddha, simple like Mahavir, compassionate like Jesus, bold like Mohammed. Basava strikes us almost as a wonder of creation,but what attracts us most to him, are those teachings of which he anticipated the greatest of the MODERN THINKER"

-Karl Marx

"What ever legend may say about Lord Basava the fact is fully clear that he is the First Indian Free Thinker. He can be called the Martin Luther of India"

-Aother Milles

"Every problem has a solution under Lord Basava philosophy and the only way to find a peace in the country is to follow Basava Preaching's."

-Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh
(At the opening ceremony of Basava coin in Banglore)

"To be successful in life you jus follow one Vachana/Philosophy of Lord Basava You will come out with the flying colors in life and you will meet/complete the object of taking birth on earth"

-Former President of India Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
(At the inauguration function of Basaveshwar Statue on 28th April 2003 in the parliament Of India New Delhi)

"From this website it's a simple effort to spread the preaching of Lord Basava. May his message & preachings spread through the hearts of everyone And through his philosophy, Let the world find a new way of living life in a peacefull manner. May the Grace of Lord Basava be on all of us & give the power to keep a Progressive step towards self realization."