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History Of Shree Guru Basava Mantap

Anadi Niranjan Sharan Shri Gurusiddha Prabhudevaru

   The important inspirational power in formation of "Shree Guru Basava Mantap" is "NavaKalyan Math" Dharwad.Here the term NavaKalyan indicates the rebirth of the 12th centuries Kalyan concept. Lord Basaveshwara a great Socio-religious reformer who gave the concept, in a very wider sense

Kalyan is an overall welfare of the human being it covers the religious, economic, social & political welfare of the society.

In the 20th century the kalyan movement again got its rebirth in a name of "Nava Kalyan". Anadi Niranjan Sharan Sri GuruSiddha Prabhudevaru is the founder of NavaKalyan movement at Dharwad to spread the philosophy of Lord Basaveahwar he gave a great message in a very significant way.

Shree Guru Basava Mantap Building

   Our Shree Guru Basava Mantap is the fruit of Navakalyan Movement.To spread the messages of Lord Basaveshwar Shree Guru Basava Mantap Trust an organisation of Basava philosophy started in the year 1938 in Veerapur road of Hubli.The Basava philosophy followers of Hubli Since from 73 years continously serving the society through "Shree Guru Basava Mantap Trust Committee".

This website gives a bird eye view of the organisation, along with it intoduces the Basaveshwars great thoughts....



      Our symbol is "Shatasthala" it indicates the development of personality. Shatasthala, is a theory of progress of "Bhakti". Bhakti is nothing but a faith on one's inner capacity or energy therefore Shatasthala indicates the development of self confidence from Bhakta to Aikya. It is a progressive step towards the self realization.According to the Basava Philosophy the main objective of this Human life is achiving one's self that is defined in the form of development stages.

Our Great Founders

Shri.Gurusiddhappa G. Bhusnur Shri.Malleshappa. M Sadarahalli

      We are very proud to introduce the founders who started the "Shree Guru Basava Mantap" for the spreading of Lord Basaveshwar great preachings, the two important dedicated personalities, who dedicated themselves completely for the Lord Basaveshwara's ageless message they are Shri Malleshappa.M.Sadarhalli and Shri Gurusiddhappa.G.Bhusnur. They were inspired by the Lord basava philosophy and even dedicated their own property to the Basava Mantap & formed one trust committee to serve the society and to spread the Lord Basaveshwar great thoughts.