Our Achievements

    Dr. P.G Halakatti
  • In the year of 1943,Our Shree Guru Basava Mantap trust honoured Rav Bahadur Dr.P.G.Halakatti with the title of "Vachan Pitamaha" our organization is the first to give the title to him.

  • In the year of 1947 for the economic welfare of the society our trust widened its scope to financial organization so it started the "Navakalyan Co-operative Bank ".It has given several economical and financial benefits to the society .

  • Our trust committee is having it's on Publication in the name of "Shree Guru Basava Mantap Granthmala",under this publication many books were published.

  • For the welfare of beggars and other low caste people,the rehabilation centers were opened in many villages.

  • In the year 1951, 200 untuochable caste people got Linga Diksha from the Basava Mantap. It gave them rebirth to live in a main stream of the society.

  • Photo of foreigners
  • In the year 1971 , Our Basava Mantap gave Linga Dikhsha to foreigners of switzeralnd,Italy& France they got inspired by the basaveshwar philosophy.It was the great milestone of the Basava Mantap.

And also the foreigners have given their views on Linga Diksha Program held on 11-8-1971.

ALBAS II Durban France
           I wish to express my gratitude to the authorities of the Mantapa for allowing me to be present at a Linga Diksha on 11th Aug 1971. I was very impressed by the mystical atmosphere and the democratic way the ceremony is conducted
Thanking You

Del Piano Carmelo
Corso Traiano ISE;
Wiaf- Torino-Italy
          I think shivayoga will become very new. May God bless everyone that help to propogate a such powerful way
Thanking You

Clement A Marro
           Allow me to express my deep gratitude for getting of this Linga Diksha Ceremony. I am thankful to those who have seting for their Kindness, their patience. This Diksha was capital for my work
Thanking you